Civil War History

Discover Pennsylvania's Civil War history in York County, PA. 

Walk in the footsteps of the men and women who endured one of our nation's greatest struggles as you travel across York County, PA. You’ll discover stories of the pivotal events that led up to the historic Battle of Gettysburg and changed the course of our nation's history forever.

Journey to the river-side town of Wrightsville and discover stories of the courageous citizens who burned their bridge to stop the Confederate advance moving toward Harrisburg. The stone piers of the original bridge still stand in the river today, a reminder of one town's sacrifice to save a nation.

Make a stop in Downtown York to experience the story of William Goodridge, a prominent African American businessman who used his means to help others to freedom as a stationmaster along the Underground Railroad. Goodridge's home still stands today and has been converted into a museum dedicated to his legacy.

In the town of New Freedom, civil war-era steam engines still roar to life. You can ride the rails that President Lincoln traveled when he gave the Gettysburg Address, and shortly thereafter when his funeral procession made its way through Pennsylvania.

In Hanover, learn how Brig. General George Custer, now infamous for his final Battle at the Little Bighorn, was a pivotal figure during the Civil War. Historians have said that it was his defeat of the Confederates during the Battle of Hanover that paved the way to a Union victory in Gettysburg.

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