Civil War Trails in York County, PA

The Civil War Trails is a network of historical markers and trails that guide visitors through key sites associated with the American Civil War. Established to provide a tangible connection to this pivotal period in American history, the organization collaborates with local communities to identify and interpret significant battlefields, and historic sites of that time.

In York County, Pennsylvania, the Civil War Trails offer a tailored exploration of the region's significant contributions during the Civil War. They provide a condensed yet immersive experience into York County's pivotal role in this transformative period.

Journey back in time and explore the hallowed grounds where the echoes of a nation divided still resonate. Learn about the stories of courage, sacrifice, and change as you follow the footsteps of soldiers and civilians who shaped the course of American history.

Civil War Trails

Your visit to each and every historic marker contributes to the preservation York County's rich history and supports ongoing efforts to maintain these important sites.

For a more extensive list of locations, information, brochures, and more, please visit the Civil War Trails website

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