York County Celebrates 275 Years of History

Honoring York's Legacy in American Story

York County celebrates its 275th anniversary in 2024, and the anticipation is palpable, echoing the excitement of generations past. Founded on August 19, 1749, York County stands as a testament to resilience, progress, and community spirit. From its humble beginnings as a frontier settlement to its pivotal role in shaping American history, the county's journey is intertwined with the nation's story.

York County's historical significance resonates far beyond its borders. In 1777, during the crucible of the Revolutionary War, York served as the capital of the United States, hosting the Second Continental Congress as it deliberated and laid the groundwork for the nation's governance. This pivotal moment underscores York's enduring legacy as a beacon of liberty and democracy.

Photo of Wrightsville-Columbia Bridge by Inspired Imagez
Photo by Inspired Imagez

Wrightsville, a picturesque town nestled along the banks of the Susquehanna River, holds its own place in York County's history. During the Civil War, Wrightsville became a key strategic location, as the vital Columbia-Wrightsville Bridge connected the town to Lancaster County. In June 1863, Confederate forces under General John B. Gordon attempted to seize the bridge as part of the Gettysburg Campaign. However, the bridge was burned by Union forces to prevent its capture, marking a significant moment in the county's wartime experience.

As we prepare to commemorate York County's 275th anniversary and anticipate America's 250th anniversary, we are reminded of the county's profound impact on the nation's identity and ideals. Prominent historical landmarks such as the Colonial Courthouse, where pivotal decisions were made, and the charming Main Street districts, resonating with the echoes of past generations, and the Goodridge Freedom Center, a symbol of resilience and the fight for equality, serve as tangible reminders of York's rich heritage and enduring legacy.

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Through preservation efforts, educational initiatives, and community engagement, we honor the sacrifices of those who came before us and inspire future generations to uphold the values of freedom, equality, and unity.