Meetings & Conventions

Meetings & Conventions encompasses bringing various gatherings to York County, whether that’s a sheriff’s convention or a street rod showcase. Recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic continues to be slower for Meetings & Conventions than other sectors.

Antique Arms Show


Explore York continues to focus on its niche of booking smaller, more intimate events to capitalize on York County’s unique features as a value market. Groups planning a convention or meeting and looking to avoid the higher associated costs of hosting events in larger cities turn to York. 

York County hotels experience extensive economic benefit from Meetings & Conventions bookings. While Sport York visitors typically utilize an array of community attractions outside of a hotel for a one-to-two-day span, Meetings & Conventions visitors traditionally utilize the entirety of a hotel during what would typically be slower booking periods, such as weekdays. A full-service hotel can see four to five days of benefit from one convention.

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