Susquehanna Ale Trail

Bold hops. Rich flavor. Great beer. That's the philosophy behind the brewery, brewpub and homebrew partners of the Susquehanna Ale Trail, a newly expanded collection of 16 establishments in the lower Susquehanna Valley all committed to creating good times and great beer.

These are places where you'll often meet the brewmaster during a visit. While enjoying a pint, you'll learn how that frosty mug of great-tasting beer came to be. Discover the science behind the brewing process, learn how recipes are tweaked to achieve outstanding flavors and take in the true passion that led to what is currently in your glass.

Year-round, explore the Susquehanna Ale Trail at your own pace. Stop to enjoy lunch at a cozy neighborhood brewpub or strike up a conversation with a friendly bar patron. Spend some time, raise a pint or two and learn about the craft brewing industry from some of the experts who've perfected it.


Susquehanna Ale Trail Featured Event Photo

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