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Presto! Fast Italian - South York

2058 S Queen St., DJ Plaza, York, PA 17403



South York location OPENING SOON!

Pick your pasta, pick your sauce, pick your veggies, add a protein, and Presto! You've got yourself Fresh Pasta Fast.

We’re a fast casual Italian restaurant proudly serving Tutoni's Flour Shop fresh pasta- 2 ingredients, never dried, and vegan friendly with no additives or preservatives.

At Presto, our philosophy is that "fast food" doesn't have to mean the lifeless, sad burgers and fries that we're used to in this country. Fast food can be fresh, healthy, and vibrant. It can be made in a saute pan just for you, and not held for hours under a heat lamp. It can fill both body and soul and should be enjoyed both between meetings or over quality time with the family.

We're all about changing the game here and we want you to change it with us. Tired of McDonald's making McMillions so their CEOs can buy McMansions? Yeah, us too. That's why we're taking it to the streets- our goal is for Presto Fast Italians to be all over the country. Not for us, but for you!

We want this concept to be FOR the community, BY the community.

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