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Locally Seasoned

New Freedom, PA 17349



Locally Seasoned offers gourmet chutneys and pickled items to inspire your table and your life.

Our commitment:

Exceptional flavors.

Nourishing thoughts.

Delicious living.


Founder and owner Liza Naylor grew up in an international home, learning to cook dishes from around the world at a very early age. This formed her foundation and passion for unique ingredients, flavors, and textures. She was also introduced to the idea of food for well-being and mission driven entrepreneurship. Liza has enjoyed participating in local start-ups and fundraisers from Farm to City Dinner, Healthy World Café, Squash Hunger, Leg Up Farmers Market, Farm en Blanc, and Lancaster Conservancy's Dinner of the Decade in 2019. In 2017, she opened Locally Seasoned as a personal chef service originally. Now Locally Seasoned manufactures gourmet chutneys and products inspired by the stories, people, and cultures behind them. Injecting passion and flavor into everything is how Liza continues to cultivate life-long learning and personal development.

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