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York’s Rosa Parks: Daisy Myers and the Quest for the American Dream

250 East Market Street, York, PA 17401

February 17, 2022

7 p.m.

Free, registration required

Location: York County Historical Society Museum


On Thursday, February 17, at 7 p.m., Dr. Peter Levy will present a webinar entitled "York's Rosa Parks: Daisy Myers and the Quest for the American Dream."

Lynda Myers, Daisy's daughter, will join Dr. Levy in a question and answer session after the program.

This program will be held online through Zoom and streamed live on the York County History Center's Facebook page. To register for Zoom, please click here.

To mark the publication by the History Center of a new edition of Daisy Myers' Sticks 'n Stones: The Myers Family in Levittown, York College's Peter Levy will examine the story of York's own Rosa Parks. Too often overlooked in the history of the struggle for racial equality, Myers' effort to purchase a suburban home in Levittown, Pennsylvania, reminds us that Jim Crow resided on both sides of the Mason-Dixon line. Myers' story also reminds us of the courage and dignity of many northern (and female) freedom fighters, who braved threats to their lives and the lives of their families in pursuit of the American Dream, as well as the legacy of white resistance to residential desegregation.