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Winter Foraging Walk

4945 Horn Rd, York, PA 17406

December 3, 2023


10 a.m.-12 p.m.


Presented by: Horn Farm Center

Location: Horn Farm Center


Foraging is the act of finding and gathering wild foods. By engaging in this age-old practice, we can provide ourselves with healthy and abundant food and medicine, become more self-reliant, and connect on a much deeper level to the landscape in which we live.

Wintertime presents both challenges and opportunities for the forager and wildcrafter. Typical identification characteristics like leaves and flowers are absent for many plants, so we must exercise often-overlooked skills for plant observation, like identifying bark, stems, and leaf scars. Our vantage is expanded by the defoliated landscape, but our options are fewer. Still, there is plenty to see, dig, tend, and enjoy throughout the quiet winter months--we just need to bundle up and look a bit more carefully. 

Whether you are interested in garnering a better understanding of local plant ecology, gaining knowledge about wild edibles, or discovering alternative uses for plants through wildcrafting and medicine, join us for our December Forging Walk. Along the way, we will spend time telling stories beyond human use to pay tribute to local ecology and uncover the challenges it faces. We will also emphasize ethical foraging and ways of giving back to the land from which we’re taking–reinforcing how thinking like an ecosystem should guide our practice of gathering wild foods.

Beginners and experienced foragers are welcome. 

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