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Winter Animal Tracking

4945 Horn Rd, York, PA 17406

December 3, 2023


1-3 p.m.


Presented by: Horn Farm Center

Location: Horn Farm Center


Explore the nature-based skills that reacquaint us with the land and root us in our human ancestry.

We can gather a lot of information from the imprints an animal leaves on an area: the speed of their movements, the direction they are headed, age, sex, and, of course, species. In this class, we’ll leverage our five senses and pattern recognition skills to read an animal’s activities on the land. We’ll focus on three distinct areas of pattern language: tracking (footprints), trailing (disturbances), and signage like hair, bone, and scat.

Animal tracking is not just a skill for the hunter and trapper. By attuning ourselves to the dynamics of wild spaces and recognizing the stories behind disturbances, we can better appreciate our other-than-human neighbors and make evidence-based judgements about the health of an ecosystem. 

This class will include a hike through the Horn Farm Center's meadows and woodlands, so be prepared for outdoor activity and potentially muddy conditions. 

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