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Underwater Bubble Show

50 N George Street, York, PA 17401

April 21, 2022

6:30 p.m.

Location: Appell Center for the Performing Arts


The Underwater Bubble Show ...or... The Unexpected journey of Mr. B in the colourful underwater world of Bubblelandia

This is a story about each and everyone's life. We know... We all know life can be gray or colourful... Don't worry! This time it is going to be very colourful! After another long day, as always filled with things to do, meetings, deadlines to be met, Mr. B finds himself transported as if by magic in a special, colourful, happy place called Bubblelandia. Bubblelandia is a place in which to linger, to dream, to listen, to watch, to savor, and to marvel but, above all a place to daydream. And it is here, on this planet, it is inside us ... is the ocean of our soul. For to find it you just need to wake up! The "inhabitants" of Bubblelandia - seahorses, dragon fish, starfish, mermaids, clown fish and others - will carry Mr. B along his imaginary journey in this beautiful underwater world where fantasy becomes reality and you are invited to follow him. But be careful! You will not need an oxygen tank to breathe; just let your mind run wild, open your heart and relieve the everyday stress! Suddenly millions of bubbles of all shapes and colours, along with the foam of waves and other surprises will immediately swallow and transport you into this parallel universe of joy and freedom. Are you afraid of the touch of giant jellyfish or from the huge whale that will appear next to you? Don't worry because Mr. B will take you by the hand through this imaginary journey and, in the end, you will feel lighter, freer, happier... This experience will change you too just as it changed Mr. B...?