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TimeTalk Neo-Victorianism & Horology: A Discussion

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    This talk will feature a delightful conversation by Kim Jovinelli and Clayton Tongate about the parallel universes of steampunk and historical horology. Donald Dodson will also be joining in on the conversation.

    The following questions will be answered: Why is steampunk important to horology? What are some misconceptions and falsities linked to steampunk? How does steampunk educate the public using time?

    “We are excited to explore new avenues of the subject of horology and expand our institutional knowledge and understanding of a subgenre that is often misunderstood," explains Jovinelli.

    Tongate adds, "Our primary goal is to start a conversation to quell misconceptions about steampunk.”

    The TIMETalk program is a free program and is open to the public.

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