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PRR Rail Fan Day on the Glen Rock Express with No.17

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    Pennsylvania Rail Roads have been a vital part of our state’s success for more than 150 years, thanks to continuous expansion and innovation. One of those innovations is the diesel locomotive, which has been the backbone of the industry since the 1940s. From the earliest switch engines to today’s high-horsepower thoroughbreds, the diesel locomotive has been essential to the growth of Pennsylvanian and American railroads.

    This Sunday, your fun and exciting train experience starts in New Freedom, PA! You will be welcomed aboard the No. 17 steam locomotive by friendly volunteers to enjoy a scenic ride through the beautiful countryside of York County on a historic railway that dates back to the late 1820s. We will take you back in time to the 1860s, when President Lincoln rode this line on his way to Gettysburg to deliver the Gettysburg Address. Two years later Lincoln’s funeral train rode on this same line.

    The cars are pulled and pushed by the steam locomotive.

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