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Glen Rock Express with Mary Todd Lincoln

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    Enjoy a scenic ride through the beautiful countryside of York County to Glen Rock, PA, on a historic railway that dates back to the late 1820s. Ride along with a 1957 PA GP 9 (converted to GP 10 in 1979) at the only place in the world where an original Pennsylvania railroad locomotive runs on a genuine Pennsylvania rail line.

    Living Historian, Sandy Brunt, will narrate about the life and family of Mary Todd Lincoln. Sandy covers the story of Mary Todd, the “lost child” to Mary Lincoln, wife of the late President Abraham Lincoln. Mary, of Scottish decent and raised in a wealthy family in the South was a sought-after Southern Belle who, against her family’s wishes, gave her heart and hand to Mr. Abraham Lincoln. Mary, devoted wife, mother and First Lady, was plagued with tragedy. Come learn about Mary Lincoln, a misunderstood woman, who lived a life in the shadows of mourning.

    The coaches are pushed and pulled by our vintage diesel locomotive.

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