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General and Mrs. Robert E. Lee on the Glen Rock Express with No.17

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    General and Mrs. Robert E. Lee are brought to life by living historians Frank and Bonnie Orlando. Learn about these two great Americans as friends, husband and wife, father and mother, military tactician and superintendent of West Point, the Lady of Arlington and the great-granddaughter of Martha Washington. At the same time, learn why Robert E. Lee rejected the command of the US Army when it was offered to him in April of 1861.

    Outside your window is the beautiful York County Heritage Rail Trail, while you enjoy this one-hour ride to Glen Rock, PA. We will take you back in time to the 1860s, when President Lincoln rode the same line on his way to Gettysburg to deliver his now-famous Gettysburg Address. ALL ABOARD!

    The cars are pulled and pushed by the steam locomotive.
    This excursion is one hour.
    Tickets will be available to be picked up at the ticket booth in the back of the gift shop on the day of the trip.
    Please arrive 30 minutes prior to departure.

    Season Sponsors: Bronze Sponsors Aero Energy and The Patrick Organization

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