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Elf on the Engine

117 N Front St,, New Freedom, PA 17349

11/24/2023, 11/25/2023, 11/26/2023



Presented by: Northern Central Railway of York

Location: Northern Central Railway of York


Where Mischief Meets Christmas Magic!

It’s one month until Christmas, and Santa’s elves are already working hard to prepare for the big day. They visit the Northern Central Railway to enlist some helpers and collect letters for Santa, but everything goes wrong when Finnegan Frost, the mischievous elf, shows up to cause trouble. He interrupts the good elves’ merry holiday sing-along at the platform, using his sing-a-wrong machine to ruin the Christmas cheer.

Usually, they use their good-elf-o-matic to keep his behavior in check, but now Finnegan has scattered pieces of the machine throughout the coaches. Guests must search for and conceal the machine pieces on board. If Finnegan catches someone with a piece in hand, they must give it back to him.

At the end of the ride, guests will bring all found pieces to the platform to hopefully repair the good-elf-o-matic and save Christmas.