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Cirque FLIP Fabrique’s Muse

1031 Edgecomb Ave, York, PA 17403

March 23, 2023


7:30-9:30 p.m.


Presented by: The Pullo Center

Location: The Pullo Center


What inspires you to be you? What inspires you to be your true self and to try things you never thought possible?

FLIP Fabrique’s new show, Muse, attempts to answer these questions, circus-style!

Can a woman play football? Can a man wear gowns and high heels? Can a human defy gravity?

The show’s collection of dazzling eclectic performers will choose between a football uniform or ballet costume, challenge themselves to accomplish death-defying acts as they never have before, and celebrate all that inspires them to go beyond what they ever thought was possible. Set to an original score by beatmaker Millimetric and featuring live onstage vocals by singer Flavia Nascimento, this performance combines breathtaking artistry and athleticism.

Get ready to see powerful women, graceful men, and everything in between. Whether wearing high heels or shoulder pads, the acrobats’ playful, exciting, and gravity-defying performance is sure to amaze.