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CapFilm: Neil Young - Harvest Time

50 N George Street, York, PA 17401

12/14/2022, 12/16/2022

7 p.m.


Presented by: Appell Center for the Performing Arts

Location: Appell Center for the Performing Arts


Created between January and September 1971, this docu-film takes us on an intimate journey to Young’s farm in Northern California for the ‘Harvest Barn’ sessions, to London for an iconic performance with the London Symphony Orchestra and to Nashville where the then 20 something Neil Young worked on various tracks of this signature album. The feature is a fan piece that has never been seen before. Performance and rehearsal content is intertwined into creative storytelling and includes most of the tracks from album Harvest (released in 1972) including “Heart of Gold”, “A Man Needs A Maid”, “Alabama” and “Old Man”. Includes an exclusive conversation with Neil Young captured just for this event.

Run Time: 2 hours and 15 minutes

Consider rated: "R"

Note: Member passes not eligible for this film