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Calligraphy Workshop

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    If you are just starting out or are looking for a hands-on discussion to improve your calligraphic hand, this workshop is for you! During this beginner workshop we will cover all the essentials in pointed-pen calligraphy. We will review the basics on how to hold the pen with correct hand position, discuss pressure and how it relates to ink flow, cover all the tools you will need to get started in modern calligraphy, and how to take care of your supplies. We will work through the alphabet together, and discuss the fundamentals of connecting letters. We will also cover different ways to make your calligraphy unique to you, how to push past common early mistakes, and tips and techniques that will help you fine tune your calligraphy work. The workshop is kept at a smaller size in order to ensure that I am able to work more directly with you.

    This workshop includes:

    • 1 Straight Pen Holder
    • 1 Nib: Zebra Comic G 
    • 1 Pot of India black ink
    • JesSmith Design's Modern Calligraphy Workbook
    • Dinky Dibs
    • Gift Tags for the holidays
    • Vellum Paper and Practice Paper
    • Sweet treats from "Reece of Cake"!

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