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Bike Aboard Departing New Freedom

2 West Main Street, New Freedom, PA 17349

October 16, 2022

Location: Northern Central Railway


Our No. 17 steam locomotive will pulling the train, including our newly restored gondola car. It is ready for all you cyclists on the Heritage Rail Trail! Purchase a one-way ticket that allows you to split your journey between the train and your bike.

Depart from New Freedom for a northbound train ride to Hanover Junction or Brillhart Station, then ride your bike back, southbound on the trail.

Or you can meet the train at Brillhart Station at approximately 12 noon and ride the train southbound to New Freedom. Northern Central Railway’s newly restored gondola car will accommodate your bike as you relax.

10 a.m. -- One-way ticket from New Freedom to Hanover Junction (10 miles):  $20 Adult (age 13+); $10 Child (age 2-12)

10 a.m. -- One-way ticket from New Freedom to Brillhart Station (16 miles) $29 Adult (age 13+); $20 Child (ages 2-12)

12 noon -- One-way ticket from Brillhart Station to New Freedom (16 miles): $29 Adult (age 13+); $20 Child (ages 2-12)

Please note: Biking northbound is downhill and southbound is uphill

The cars are pulled and pushed by our vintage diesel locomotive.

New Freedom to Hanover Junction train ride is approximately 1 hour.

New Freedom to Brillhart Station train ride is approximately 1 ½ hours.

Tickets are available for pre-purchase or onsite on the day of your ride.