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2nd Annual Pennsylvania Cowboy Weekend

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    Transport yourself to the Wild West in this event celebrating cowboy (and cowgirl) culture! Ride along our No. 17 locomotive with “the most reckless class of outlaws in the wild country,” and prepare for an experience straight out of the most beloved cowboy films– compete with train robberies , shootouts, live performances and more! So, don’t be a yellow belly, come over yonder this October 12th and October 13th for a rockin’ good time!

    This celebration of cowboy life promises to immerse visitors in this unique movement which began in the late 1800s just after the Civil War. The Wild West movies and TV shows popular in the 1950s and 1960s romanticized the life of the cowboy (and cowgirl). The effective and efficient movement of cattle gave rise to the growth of the cowboy occupation. Rodeos were a popular pastime which allowed the cowboys to demonstrate their prowess with horses and cattle. Our locomotive, the No.17, is a replica of those which frequently ran at the time and creates a unique stage for cowboy robberies and learning about the cowboy lifestyles. Today, cowboys and cowgirls are often seen in western garb at horse shows competing in barrel racing, as well as western pleasure and reining classes. At their peak, cowboys were referred to as “the most reckless class of outlaws in the wild country.” They definitely made an impact on the culture and lifestyles of the time and beyond!

    Building on our past spring/summer, one-day a month events with the Cowboys (Outlaws and Peacemakers), we have scheduled a weekend of hands-on learning experiences for families. This event will include: train robberies, an authentic cowboy camp at Summit Grove Campground (located just south of Steam Into History), wandering minstrels, magicians, a chuck wagon, a Sunday morning worship service, cowboy story-telling around the campfire, onsite camping for guests, and a special area for children.

    Caution: Riders will experience the sites and sounds of very loud, actual gun fire during the ride.

    The coaches are pushed and pulled by our steam locomotive.
    This excursion is about an hour long.
    Tickets and wrist bands will be available to be picked up at the ticket booth in the back of the gift shop on the day of the trip.
    Please arrive 30 minutes prior to departure.

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