The upcoming Great American Solar Eclipse will transfix many Americans, especially those who will see the moon totally blot out the sun.

York County, PA, won't get the full show, but will still be treated to an amazing partial solar eclipse on August 21.

We think that's worthy of celebration, so we've compiled a list of craft beverages from our Good Libations Trails that are perfect for toasting this heavenly happening. (Note: Please check on availability with individual locations).

Golden Sunburst, Naylor Wine Cellars 

This blended white wine features White Riesling, Scheurebe and Kerner and smells of apple, peach and pear. According to Naylor, it's "very food friendly." We also think it's a perfect pairing for a solar eclipse.

Apple Pie Moonshine, Old Republic Distillery

Seeing as the moon's making a dramatic appearance, this is the classic choice for a solar eclipse. Mix it with lemonade for a refreshing summer cocktail.

The Galaxy Flight, Tattered Flag Brewery and Still Works

If you're really into astronomy, then the Galaxy Flight is a must. The brewers at Tattered Flag are hosting a competition to see who brews the best beer with galaxy hops. You can try the flight, then vote on your favorite!  The V20: Dunk-Galaxy dunkelweizen and V17: Shagalaxy American IPA are already on tap, too!

Flyboy Red, Crosswinds Winery at Hershey

Nothing says touch the sky more than wine made by two pilots. There are two Flyboy Reds to try, a 2012 semi-dry blush and a 2011 sweet red. Both are made with Chambourcin grapes. Given the sky theme, the High-Flying White and Tailspin Blueberry would also make for fitting choices.

Dark, Dank and Ominous, by Warehouse Gourmet

Considering the eclipse will cast an eerie mid-afternoon twilight across the land, some people might think it's a little spooky. In that case, consider the Dark, Dank and Ominous Black IPA from Warehouse Gourmet. It features hints of chocolate, grapefruit and "dank, hemp-like aroma," according to the Hanover brewery.

Pennsyltucky Moonshine, Midstate Distillery

Hey, another moonshine! Can't go wrong with this during an eclipse. Midstate Distillery's moonshine is made with locally sourced corn and has a subtle spicy rye finish.

Moon River White, Moon Dancer Winery, Cider House and Taproom

With a name like Moon Dancer, pretty much any choice from this winery would qualify. The Moon River White, with hints of peach and pineapple, sounds like a refreshing summer wine to us!

Firefly, The Vineyard at Hershey

Like stars, fireflies twinkle in the summer sky. This full-bodied red blend has fitting dark notes of plum, currant and spice.

Sangria Sunset, Logan's View Winery

We can think of nothing better to sip during dusk - whether it's the end of the day or during an eclipse - than a Sangria Sunset. The winery's Blackberry Nights is a close second, though.

Deep Sea Stout, Mudhook Brewing Company

Dark like the night sky, this will warm you stomach with a roasted chocolate malt flavor.

One Dark Morning Stout, Battlefield Brew Works

The eclipse will make you think you just woke up around the crack of dawn. That makes this dark breakfast stout with coffee notes an easy choice.

Woodling Double-Dark IPA, Swashbuckler Brewing Company

Sensing a theme here with these dark beers? Caramel malts accompany plentiful hops in this refreshing seasonal beer.

Black Coffee Rye, Thistle Finch Distillery

This small-batch whiskey is aged in oak barrels with whole coffee beans, giving it a twilight-esque hue.