July's 2014 Can-Am Police-Fire Games promises to attract thousands of competitors and their families - and millions of dollars - to York County. And while this sporting event will draw attention, it is just one of many that will pump a great deal of money into York County businesses this year.

That's because Sport York has turned York County into a sporting event magnet by selling our years of experience in running local, regional and national events; our wealth of tremendous venues; our remarkable attention to detail; our easy accessibility; and our outstanding value.

How effective is Sport York, a brand created by the York County Convention & Visitors Bureau? By positioning York as "Pennsylvania's Premier Sports Destination," Sport York generated $18 million in tourist expenditures in 2013 alone. That kind of performance makes winners of everyone in York County.

The York County Convention & Visitors Bureau is constantly investigating all opportunities to promote York County as a great place to visit and explore. It's a mission that benefits every single one of us.