With the Susquehanna River, our many lakes and streams, our gorgeous array of parks, and our sublimely beautiful open spaces, York County is a gem to be discovered by day-trippers and vacationers alike.

But someone has to let them know we're here. So at the York County Convention & Visitors Bureau, we feel it's our duty to trumpet York's beauty. By generating visits from skiers and hikers, boaters and bikers, we bring new money into the county, boosting the economy for all of us.

Our website is the best and most obvious vehicle for sharing the word about our robust offering of outdoor venues and activities. Already this year, we have welcomed nearly 100,000 visitors (representing more than 100 nations) to our website!

More than 5,000 of those visitors have signed up to receive Getaway Guide, our monthly eblast with information about what's going on in York County, and many of those eblasts contain news on our parks and recreation system's offerings, as well as popular outdoor enterprises such as Avalanche Xpress, Maize Quest, Roundtop Mountain Resort and Shank's Mare.

Our annual travel guide offers yet another vehicle for informing potential visitors about what's going on in the area. And each year, we distribute more than 225,000 printed copies!

We do more than promote. Because of our sound fiscal stewardship, we have been able to provide a significant amount of financial support to the Rail Trail Authority each year, enabling it to become York County's most popular outdoor attraction.

All of this adds to York County's allure, making it easier for county businesses to attract and retain the best and brightest prospective employees, while making life better for those of us who already call York County home.

The York County Convention & Visitors Bureau, York County's Official Tourist Promotion Agency, is constantly investigating opportunities to promote York County as a great place to visit and explore. It's a purpose that benefits every single one of us.

For more information on the York County Convention & Visitors Bureau call 1-888-858-9675.