By improving the quality of the experience for visitors to York County, the York County Convention & Visitors Bureau helps to improve the quality of life for the residents of our county, too.

So whether we're investing in Maryland & Pennsylvania Railroad Preservation Authority or the Rail Trail, by encouraging the creation and improvement of attractions and amenities in York County, the CVB is making the County more attractive for visitors and residents alike.

All told, the York County CVB has contributed over $3 million in tourist development funding to organizations in our community since 2001. These tourism dollars go directly to countywide attractions to develop a larger, more attractive tourist infrastructure.
Additional beneficiaries include the York Expo Center, York County Heritage Trust, Susquehanna Gateway Heritage Area, the Hanover Chamber of Commerce, and the City of York/Memorial Park.

This adds to York County's allure, making it easier for county businesses to attract and retain the best and brightest prospective employees, while making life better for those of us who already call York County home.

The York County Convention & Visitors Bureau, York County's Official Tourist Promotion Agency, is constantly investigating opportunities to promote York County as a great place to visit and explore. It's a purpose that benefits every single one of us.

For more information on the York County Convention & Visitors Bureau call 1-888-858-9675.