Sip on a bit of summer with this simple wine smoothie recipe.

Wine Smoothie

All you need is 1 pound of frozen mixed berries and 1¾ cups of sweet white wine.

Start by pouring the berries and 1 cup of wine into your blender. Blend on the lowest setting.  Now - this is the fun part - add additional wine as needed.

If you're looking for wine suggestions, try the City Kitty from Four Springs Winery in Seven Valleys.

Here are a few other wine creations perfect for sipping on a summer day, courtesy of Mason-Dixon Wine Trail members.

Naylor Sangria Spritzer

Start by pouring a bottle of Naylor's Wine Cellar's Concord wine into a pitcher, then squeeze the wedges of one lemon and one orange into the wine. Toss in the squeezed wedges and chill. Add 2 cups of lemon-lime soda just before serving.

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Fiore's Italian Spritzer

This is just the type of refreshing drink you'd expect from this Italian winemaker.

You'll need 3¼ oz. Campari - an Italian liqueur - a bottle of Fiore Chardonnay, one bottle of club soda, three lemons and one orange.

Squeeze two of the lemons into a punch bowl and pour in the Chardonnay. Add ice and the club soda, stir and top with the Campari. Thinly slice the remaining lemon and orange and float them on the punch.

You can find more Fiore products here.

Adams County Winery's Three Ships Sangria

For this delicious wine creation, grab a bottle of Adams County Winery's Three Ships to the Wine, and combine it with a 2 cups of lemonade and 2 tablespoons of sugar in a large pitcher. Stir until the sugar dissolves, then add ½ pint of large blackberries, and a cup of club soda. Pop it into the fridge for an hour, then enjoy over ice.

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