York County Convention & Visitors Bureau Logos

Tourism Grant Logo Formats and Guidelines: 

To promote the overall collaboration on marketing materials, programs funded by the York County Tourism Grant Program must contain the Explore York logo and website.   

For online and web communications, as well as print, download the PNG file. 

A white box surrounding the logo should not appear when using the Explore York logo.

For print materials and vector-based artwork download the EPS file. 

Vector-based artwork is scalable and must be used when producing large-format pieces, such as building signs, trade show banners, window displays, vehicle wraps, and billboards. While the size of the logo can be scaled larger, it must retain its proportions. The logo should always be proportionate to the rest of the project.

Videos and other visual/digital media (.png, .eps). The logo should appear as the last frame in a size large enough to make it and "yorkpa.org" easily readable by a viewer. Preferably the logo should "hang" on the screen for a minimum of three seconds.

Explore York logo will be included on electronic media linked to www.yorkpa.org.

The Explore York logo can be downloaded below. 

Explore York EPS Files

Explore York PNG Files