Member Testimonials

Ben Lepore, Ben Franklin RV Park

As newcomers to the hospitality industry, our family-owned RV Park has not had a large amount of marketing capital.  By far, the York County Convention & Visitor's Bureau has been the greatest connection that we made in terms of ROI.  Anne and her staff not only work hard, but they take a genuine personal interest in finding ways to benefit their members. 

The Networking and Packaging Workshops that are regularly hosted by the YCCVB have been wonderful opportunities to meet and collaborate with colleagues in all segments of the hospitality industry in the York County area.  Of all the perks afforded by a YCCVB membership, one of my personal favorites is the FAM tour.  It is invaluable as an accommodation property to have first-hand knowledge of attractions in the area.  The FAM tour provides an opportunity to visit and be exposed to multiple facilities within a couple hours which would require much more time away from my business were I to visit them all on my own.  Being able to make accurate suggestions based on visitors' interests and having personalized details to add is a direct benefit to our company's bottom line.  For example, we had someone last year who made reservations with us for 3 nights who ended up extending to 3 weeks because they kept finding more and more things they wanted to see and do in the York area.  The additional income from that one reservation was almost double the cost of a year's membership with the YCCVB.

The invaluable benefits afforded by a basic membership with the York County Convention & Visitor's Bureau along with the vast opportunities for enhancing that membership through greater involvement makes the YCCVB one of the greatest bargains around for a local business.