Member Testimonials

Tom Perry, Perrydell Farm

Member Testimonial Tom Perry


Ben Franklin RV Park"By far, the York County Convention & Visitor's Bureau has been the greatest connection that we made in terms of ROI. They take a genuine personal interest in finding ways to benefit their members."

- Ben Lepore, Ben Franklin RV Park


Isaac's Restaurant"I rely on the York County Convention & Visitors Bureau as a marketing partner because they market for my business in places and at events that I can’t get to and let me know about local marketing opportunities and events where I can get to. I also rely on them as a resource I can turn to in order to learn about trends, strategies, tools and other info I need to better my brand."

- Johnny Roberts, Isaac's Restaurant


Perrydell Farm"We never advertised before and once we became a member of the York County CVB, we didn’t have to. We welcome visitors from all over the United States and recently a family from Japan! Because our visitors are from all over the world we get to learn about their cultures and farming traditions."

- Donna Perry, Perrydell Farm