Susquehanna Ale Trail Sample Itineraries


Here is your updated guide for charting out the perfect getaway weekend for craft beer lovers on Central Pennsylvania's Susquehanna Ale Trail.

Explore the websites of all participating locations for special events, happenings and new beer releases to help you narrow down the best weekend to craft your getaway.

No matter when you visit, your afternoons and evenings will be "hop"-ing. From there, round out your trip according to taste in a destination with plenty to offer.

Our Official York County Travel Guide and Calendar of Events are your road maps to brew up the time of your life here in the heart of Pennsylvania's Dutch Country Roads Region.

As always, hours and availability are subject to change, so please check with locations you plan to visit ahead of your getaway. And enjoy Bold Hops, Rich Flavor and Great Beer responsibly. Bring designated drivers - we have great times for them too here in one of the Mid-Atlantic's most dynamic and diverse destinations!

If you're planning a weekend here's your "how to" guide to cover 13 locations over three days and have one Great Time!

Friday - Hanover to York

Locations on Tap:
Aldus Brewing Co.
Something Wicked Brewing
Miscreation Brewing Company
Warehouse Gourmet Bistro & Brew Pub
Center Square Brewing Company

Begin your Friday at the newest breweries on the Ale Trail: Aldus Brewing Co. and the recently opened Something Wicked Brewing. After enjoying their vast selection of craft beers head on over to Miscreation Brewing Company. This is where you'll taste why they've called Brent Stambaugh the "mad scientist" and go a few blocks to Warehouse Gourmet for great beer and a bite to eat. On your trip to York stop by Center Square Brewing Company right on the beautiful square of Abbotstown to enjoy a selection of hand-crafted brews and a great meal.

Saturday - Route 30 to the Mason-Dixon Line

Locations on Tap:
Mudhook Brewing Company
Bailee's Homebrew & Wine Supply LLC

Begin your Saturday afternoon on the Ale Trail by stopping by Mudhook Brewing Company where you will find a unique selection of eats and brews. The next stop is exploring Bailee's Homebrew & Wine Supply, where you'll learn all about getting into brewing yourself.

Sunday - Lancaster to Hershey

Locations on Tap:
Bube's Brewery
The Vineyard & Brewery at Hershey
Tröegs Brewing Company
Swashbuckler Brewing Company (Check for Availability)
St. Boniface Craft Brewing Co.
Rumspringa Brewing Company

Bube's Brewery is where your Sunday will begin. Bube's Brewery is literally built on the history of Pennsylvania brewing. The old lagering cellar is now one of the coolest dining venues you'll find anywhere - the Catacombs. From there The Vineyard & Brewery at Hershey will have you in for a treat with their special handcrafted beers. The next stop you will experience craft at the largest scale on the Ale Trail at Tröegs Brewing Company. The Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire and Swashbuckler Brewing Company, which has beer available for purchase on the grounds is your next Ale Trail stop. St. Boniface is the next leg of the Ale Trail located in Ephrata, PA. Lastly you will end your Sunday at Rumspringa Brewing Company where they use locally grown products for their handcrafted beers.

About the Susquehanna Ale Trail:

Bold hops. Rich flavor. Great beer. That's the philosophy behind the brewery, brewpub and homebrew partners of the Susquehanna Ale Trail, a collection of 13 establishments in the lower Susquehanna Valley all committed to creating good times and great beer.

All year, explore the Susquehanna Ale Trail at your own pace. Stop to enjoy lunch at a cozy neighborhood brewpub or strike up a conversation with a friendly bar patron. Spend some time, raise a pint or two and learn about the craft brewing industry from some of the experts who've perfected it. For more, visit