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2017 York County Travel Guide
From motorcycles to pretzels, you're invited behind the scenes of America's favorite products at our FREE tours

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Whether your interest is hand-woven fabrics, delicate violins or delicious potato chips, meet artisans responsible for some of America's favorite products and get an up-close look at true American craftsmanship during one of our factory tours.

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Martin's Snacks

  • 5847 Lincoln Hwy W
  • Thomasville, PA 17364
  • Phone: 717-792-3565
  • Region: North West York County

Martin’s Snacks’ factory tours are currently closed for the holiday season. They will re-open January 9, 2018, with reservations required. Visiting Martins Potato Chips factory you will experience a ...more»

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Perrydell Farm

  • 90 Indian Rock Dam Rd
  • York, PA 17403
  • Phone: 717-741-3485
  • Region: South West York County

Perrydell Farm Dairy is a family-owned dairy farm. We bottle all of our own milk, and we choose not to use the rBST hormone. Tours are self guided, and depending on what time you arrive, you could ...more»

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Revonah Pretzel

  • 507 Baltimore St, rear
  • Hanover, PA 17331
  • Phone: 717-630-2883
  • Region: South West York County

Hand-made pretzel bakery, dough mixing, pretzel twisting (rolling), dip and bake, kiln dry and pack. Outlet store. You can take a tour of Revonah Pretzels Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday ...more»

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